• Decks and Patios

    A New Deck or Patio is a great way to add additional living space to your home, and let you enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather. With our mild climate, a Deck or Patio can be used throughout most months of the year. Decks and Patios can be as simple as a small square pressure treated deck, or as complicated as a multi-level deck made from exotic materials. The only limit is your imagination and budget.

  • Deck and Patio Considerations

    While a new deck or patio may seem like a small home remodel task, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider prior to construction. Taking the proper time upfront, and discussing your requirements with a qualified Deck and Patio Builder will make sure that your Deck Building Project meets your needs now, and for years to come. Some of the types of decisions that you and your Deck and Patio Builder should discuss are: 
    * Types of Materials to use
    * Size of the Deck or Patio
    * Deck and Patio Lighting
    * Seating and Railing Styles
    * Electrical Outlet Requirements
    * Building Permit Requirements
    * Do You Need a Covered Deck or Patio? 

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    As a local Raleigh Deck and Patio Builder in business since 1986, Custom Renovations has the years and experience building Custom Decks and Patios for our Raleigh Clients. We have experience with all types of Deck and Patio Construction, such as:
    * Custom Deck and Patio Design 
    * Deck Building and Renovation 
    * Exotic Hardwoods and Alternative Materials 
    * Alternative Flooring Styles 
    * Family Safe Hidden Fasteners 
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