• How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

    The winter months can be brutal on your house.  Cold weather can play havoc with your utility bills, burst your water pipes, and cause your Home Heating system to work overtime.  With the proper planning, you can minimize the effect of winter on your house, and save money in the process.  Custom Renovations hopes that you find these simple tips effective ways that you can get your home ready for winter.

    • Roofing — Check for missing, or warped shingles.  Also check to make sure you don’t need a new roof.  A good roof is critical to protect your home in winter.
    • Gutters — Clean your gutters after the leaves fall.  Now may be a good time to install Gutter Guards so you don’t need to clean your gutters again.
    • Windows/Doorways — Replace weatherstripping to cut down on drafts.  Also check for broken or damaged glass and replace.
    • Heating System — Replace all your filters.  If you have a fireplace, make sure to have it cleaned prior to using it.  It’s also a good idea to have a reputable Heating company check the health of your furnace prior to the cold winter months.
    • Patio/Deck — Moving all patio furniture indoors will protect it through the winter months, and make it last longer.
    • Plumbing — Plumbing is probably the most critical area to get your home ready for winter.  Simple steps like insulating your pipes, and removing hoses from outdoor faucets is a great first step, and can prevent busted water pipes, but for more detailed information, please check out these blog posts by our friends at Legacy Plumbing Company:

    By following these tips, your home will come through the winter months in much better shape.  If you aren’t sure, or cannot perform any of tips that we recommend, please reach out to the professionals at Custom Renovations, so we can help you get your home ready for winter.

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